Thursday, December 12, 2013

weSRCH Switches To New Design For Better Corporate Identity & User Experience To The Readers

“weSRCH, a leading online document repository, has revealed its newly designed website with a whole host of new exciting features and out-of-the-box compatibility with the mobile devices….!”

weSRCH, the global leader sharing documents online, has recently unveiled its newly redesigned website that won’t only bring better user experience, but also focuses on the streamlined navigation. Ever since its inception, the company has served a role of a trusted online document sharing media for the users spread across the different industry domains. With this newly designed website, the company intends to create a strong brand impression across the globe.

Mr. Dan Hutcheson, CEO of the company, has a clear vision for the future of the company: “weSRCH is aiming to become one of the top notch online mediums to help users or business owners share press releases, presentations or any other documents online across the globe. As a part of serving global users and businesses across the varying industry domain, weSRCH is also working on developing their presence in other parts of the world to be able to leverage expertise that we presently have.’’

The new design and new logo are the perfect representation of the sharing capabilities of weSRCH. The design is also shaped up to portray the exuberant and relishing the anticipation of the weSRCH team to bring a unified platform for the users across the multiple domains to upload and share their presentations, videos and other documents online. 

Among the key features of the newly designed site are the more powerful search engine, and an all-new video uploading and sharing feature that helps users to showcase their videos to the most relevant community of their niche.

The redesigned website includes updated typefaces, powerful use of photography, and streamlined navigation that helps readers quickly find what they're looking for. The redesigned website utilizes the industry's latest technologies and design principles to bring the website to life in perfect light on multiple web browsing devices.

Website visitors can also quickly zero in on documents, presentations, videos or news feeds that meet their needs with an enhanced search engine that includes more precise ways to find the most relevant information. Searches can be narrowed by the different categories like news feed, press releases, reports for sale, papers, slides or weQuest and results can be filtered by key criteria. The outcome is a fast and intuitive navigation has delivered users to just the right solution.

The redesigned website of weSRCH will continue to evolve in the coming months, delivering a seamless user experience for weSRCH clients, customers, business partners and researchers. Want to take a look at the revamped and alluring new design of weSRCH? Visit now!

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