Thursday, April 18, 2013

Competition Law and Cross-Border Pricing

Competition Law and Cross-Border Pricing - what we do for the Competition Law and Cross-Border Pricing like Enforce Irish and EU competition law, Merger regulation and Advice and market study. The Cross-border competition requires When a competition issue does arise. Consumers may suffer from Passive Sales Ban. Retailers may suffer from Refusal to Supply. and Consumers and Retailers may suffer from Resale Price Maintenance. How we assess complaints. We receive a large volume of complaints. We focus on complaints which Indicate the greatest consumer harm and Provide evidence of a breach of the Act. The Cases may timately end up in Court but We must satisfy the civil or criminal standard of proof. What constitutes good evidence? We have a range of investigative powers To use them, we need good evidence and Documentary Evidence like emails, letters and contracts and also Witness Statements. Complainants must act in good faith – their evidence may end up in Court. What are the outcomes? We can achieve positive outcomes in two ways: Agreeing voluntary undertakings with parties or Going to Court. For civil or criminal breaches An undertaking convicted on indictment can be fined up to €4m or 10% of turnover , whichever is greater .For criminal breaches On conviction on indictment up to five years’ imprisonment may be imposed.

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