Friday, March 22, 2013

Small Business Participation vs. Sub Contracting

Small Business Participation vs. Sub Contracting - Small Business Participation versus Small Business Sub Contracting - To clarify that a request for a Small Business Participation Proposal is quite different than a request for a Subcontracting Plan; to explain how and why it’s different. Contractors and Government personnel are struggling to understand the unique differences. Small Businesses don’t understand how it benefits them as a prime offeror on an unrestricted solicitation. Large Businesses still want to submit Subcontracting Plans in response to an Evaluation Factor for Small Business Participation. Or they want to fight against it to push for their Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan. SB Participation Factor Differences for Large & Small Business Offerors. RFPs should be structured to allow small businesses to submit their own participation as a prime under the FAR Part 15 Evaluation Factor. A common mistake is asking (small and large businesses) to submit SUBCONTRACTING goals, because this requires a small businesses to SUBCONTRACT to attain the goal. Instead SBs should be allowed to submit their own PARTICIPATION as a PRIME. Therefore, under the SB Participation Factor, you should see “ SB Participation Goals”...meaning. Large businesses

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