Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simulator Knowledge Retention - Road Map to Knowledge Transfer

Simulator Knowledge Retention - Road Map to Knowledge Transfer - Senior Simulation Personnel do not Grow on Trees. WHAT IS IN A EPITAPH? On the grave of Ezekiel Aikle in East Dalhousie Cemetery, Nova Scotia: Here lies Ezekiel Aikle Age 102: The Good Die Young. Think about was Ezekiel Good? Was 102 to young for him to die? What about the object oriented programmer who was heard scratch in his coffin, he was decomposing his objects. AMEREN ENERGY RESOURCES - Service Area Map, 7 Illinois (Deregulated) Station based Simulators, Maintenance Simulator suite, Individual - User Simulators, simulator software vendors designed by 4 companies, Emulated, virtual, and hybrid. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: We build and maintain training simulators. This are used as tools to: Demonstrate basic physics, thermodynamics and principals of system operation. System interactions. (They never forget, we often forget.) Demonstrate proficiency in plant operation. They are part of a training program, they are not a training program in and of themselves. Standard Approach to Training (SAT). Job Task Analysis. Independent, Learning materials and design. Learning evaluation. Feedback and evaluation of effective training. SAT (Continued) – Where to teach and where to evaluate? – The simulator is an answer, but not always the best one. Who do we train? – Operations staff. – Maintenance staff. – Train the trainer. – But do we train the people who maintain the simulators? Simulators are only as good as the weak link in the chain. They need expert knowledge in all four to be senior in this industry. It is this unique blend for the four disciplines that allows them to see pit falls in the major assets that by training we are hoping to protect. How do we get new ones of these? Or are we hoping that Ezekiel is filling this position. If you are not doing succession planning at this level you are planning to fail! Plant Operations, Industrial Training, Computer Science and Plant Engineering we expect these people to be able to converse in all these fields. Simulation specialist need to understand the lessons from the past and avoid the pit falls of the future. Source, from one of the fields. May have some knowledge in a related field. If more than two, I start asking what simulators have you worked with. Apprenticeship – Throw them in the deep end and see if they swim? – Expensive. – Likely to learn bad habits. Over confidence a problem after early success. Long commitment, management oversight is critical. Catch the train early in a problem and avoid a train wreck. Best practice model has specific learning goal for each level of experience.

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