Thursday, March 21, 2013

Next Generation Simulators

Next Generation Simulators for a Next Generation - People play games, Games have evolved exponentially over the last 10 years. People learn a lot from games, Gen Y people learn more efficiently in an experiential environment. How Are We Approaching This - 3D/Virtual Training also evolved a lot, together with Gaming technology, Many examples, and also in industry now we have many options from many vendors, Excellent generic training modules are available for a wide variety of applications, Similar to generic vs. plant specific simulator argument, the same goes for 3D/Virtual training, Subject matter expert can fairly quickly provide the relevant info, but to compile the training module in virtual environment takes a substantial amount of time to configure, more than most people are willing to pay for, 3D game engines helps a lot to give you the visuals and realistic look and feel but very little to make it easy to translate procedures to training modules, and evaluate and certify trainees on these. Simulator Framework with 3D PACT - Optimally leverage and enhance existing 3D assets and integrated engineering information to Add more continuous operational value over the complete lifecycle, i.e. from engineering and construction through to de-commissioning. System Identification - Increase and Evaluate Staff’s Knowledge of Plant Systems. Tracing and ‘walking’ a system. Review interconnections and dependencies between systems. Increase and Evaluate Effective Teamwork & Ability to Operate the Plant. Perform operating sequences on the plant (individual/crew): Commissioning, Startups, Shutdowns, Abnormal/Infrequent Operations, Emergency Operations, etc. Equipment Operations - Increase Staff’s Understanding of Process Phenomena: View and navigate internals of equipment. Go to areas and spaces impossible to access under normal conditions. Maintenance and Inspection - Plan and verify complex and time critical maintenance/inspection tasks for quick, safe execution to limit production loss to a minimum, Instructions, visualization and evaluation of disassembling / assembling equipment, including tools and PPE to be used. Includes crane/hoist movement and space management. Evaluated on following safest path and approach, especially on equipment located in hazardous areas. Review procedure and obtain relevant information before executing work.

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