Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grow and Transform your Security Program into the Cloud

Grow and Transform your Security Program into the Cloud - This presentation is about How to Grow and Transform your Security Program into the Cloud, Vulnerability Management Impact on Security Program, Fundamentals of Vulnerability Management, Detailed Terminology - Inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment, Vulnerabilities are flaws that can be exploited by a malicious entity to gain greater access or privileges than it is authorized to have on a computer system. Threat:Any circumstance or event, deliberate orunintentional, with the potential to cause harm to a system. Exploit:Code that takes advantage of a vulnerability to gain greater access or privileges on a computer system. Risk: The probability that a particular threat will exploit a particular vulnerability. Vulnerability Management Basics - Track inventory and categorize assets, Scan systems for vulnerabilities, Verify vulnerabilities against inventory, Classify and rank risks, Identify patches, fixes and workarounds, Apply patches, fixes and workarounds, Rescan to validate remediation. Scanning and Asset Inventory - Vulnerability scanners validate asset management inventory systems through network discovery scans. Discovery scans use IP network blocks to discover assets. Administrators use the results of discovery scans to group and classify assets for detailed vulnerability scans. Differences with the Cloud - IaaS Very Dynamic, Usage Based Price Model, Instances, Machine Images, IP Address variable, Asset Discovery, Access Control (Firewalling), Permission to Scan (AUP), Management, Introspection.

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