Friday, March 22, 2013

Configuration Management of a 2nd Generation Virtual Simulation

Configuration Management of a 2nd Generation Virtual Simulation - Newton FGD Deceleration impact on Configuration Management, Service Area Map, 7 Illinois (Deregulated) Station based Sim ulators, Maintenance Simulator suite, Individual-User Simulators, 2 simulator software vendorsdesigned by 4 companies, Emulated, virtual, and hybrid. FGD Ameren, ADVITECH and Subcontractors, RK Neal, Engineered and Implementation of Emerson DCS, Simulation by Cassper as an addition to the existing Virtual Emerson/TRAX fos sil simulation. Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) of the Newton Power Station. Regulator Driver to complete no later than January 1, 2015. Simulation of the FGD island added to the existing virtual simulation. Changes in regulator and financial environment may complete 2019. Deceleration for the project completion. Selected work continues. – DCS and Simulator. – Continued duck work construction. – Protection of capital equipment. –DCS Unit 1 upgrade. New alternate plant needs to be maintained with the simulator. (Beginning with the End in Mind). Be ready to restart project. 18 Configuration Management of a 2 nd Generation Virtual Simulation WHAT DOES CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT CONSIST OF? Scope. –Maintain the original scope - Added FGD scope resides in a branch of document control. Verification and Validation. – Testing will continue on the as built unit. – Restart project will contain a complete reconciliation of the DCS and plant design with upgrades and testing as required. Flaw identification and tracking. –Add a relationship 11 to Many DR’ to Loads. – Fix notes, testing and signoff follow this same relationship with selectable auto completion. Configuration Management. – Branch Source Control. – Disable FGD equipment except for testing.

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